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 of the year 2010. MISSION SUCCESS is a non-profit, non-political voluntary organization registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 working in the field of human welfare and development. The organization has been working for the welfare of poor and disadvantaged people of

the community particularly rural sections of the society through various developmental programmes with the objectives to develop sustainable and self-reliant community  through their active participation in all our development efforts. Since its inception, it has been working in the field of Health & Family Welfare, Literacy & Education, and Vocational

Education linked with life enrichment education, Women Empowerment, Environment & Sanitation and many other Social welfare programmes.

Vision;- - Vision of the organization is to mobilize resources for poor community in managing development and welfare activities/schemes and local resources to meet their need in a participatory manner and collaborative spirit.

Mission: The mission of the organization to work for sustainable

holistic development through empowering rural community by providing quality education, health, family welfare, Vocational training and creating awareness conservation of Environment and inculcation of values and culture, thereby Achieving the over all objectives of contributing to the all around  Development of the deprived section of the society. This annual report should not only be a narrative of activities. Those who receive copies of our annual reports should know why we have undertaken to do the activities that we do, how we do it and an evaluation of activities for

Improving our efforts or making a gradual change. That is the

           Season why this annual report is so detailed.


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